1. Career Coaching
  2. Resume/CV
  3. Job Application
  4. Interviewing

You are applying for numerous jobs but you are constantly being overlooked! The reason for this usually begins with your resume or perhaps your nerves get the better of you in interviews.

We can help by creating a resume unique to you that will catch the potential employers’ attention – without unnecessary bells and whistles. There are numerous free resume templates out there but speaking to someone professional can be invaluable and will give you that edge. We know the recruitment industry and have the inside info about what an employer wants.

We are totally focused on providing you with the tools required to achieve the advantage in securing your desired job. When you have reached you goal we will also assist you in job retention and beyond.

Some of the Job Seeker services we offer below:

  • a comprehensive career coaching service to assist you with your career decisions or goals;
  • a comprehensive resume service to be tailored as you wish;
  • an application letter to accompany your resume;
  • coaching to perfect your interview technique to win that job;

We can give you the best head-start with the right tools to win the job and leave your competitors behind in the distance.

1. Career Coaching:

We are no longer a society who are entrenched in a job for years. Our careers are constantly changing and evolving as do we. We have become accustomed to and now believe that ‘you can do or be anything you want’; but you do need to remain realistic about your strengths and career goals.

Together we will discuss your visions, influences and all issues that allow you to make a well informed decision about your career. Sometimes there is so much noise in our lives that it can be difficult to hear our own thoughts. It is astonishing how clear things become just by speaking with us.

Contact us to discuss your aspirations in depth to enable you to form a clear and realistic path to your desired career. When you have achieved that ‘light bulb’ moment of realising the career path you would like to pursue, we will continue to be your careers partner for as long as you wish to reach your goal.

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2. Resume/CV:

You have approximately 10 seconds for your resume to dazzle a recruiter, be it agency or direct employer.

Although that does not mean you need to become a designer or graphic artist to create a resume – unless that is the field you are applying to of course – in fact, unnecessary embellishment of your resume can put off employers – you should not need bells and whistles to capture the attention of a potential employer.

A potential employer simply wants someone who has the tools to fix their problem of a vacancy.

The aim of a resume is not to get you the job but to score an interview; it is a snapshot of your experience and should be tailored to the job you are applying for. A general resume will probably not get your foot in the door.

Like a good book, your resume should make an employer or recruiter feel they MUST meet you. When writing a resume make sure you have the job description at hand, or at least the job advertisement to align your experience with the preferred selection criteria. Highlighting the relevant areas of your experience will make you jump off the page and be seen. Your ultimate goal is to represent yourself in person to a potential employer.

We can help by creating a resume unique to you that will catch the potential employers’ attention. There are numerous free resume templates out there but speaking to someone professional is invaluable and will give you that edge.

Get started now by either purchasing a template via our enquiry form; send us an email and attach any work experience details you have for a personalised service; or just email us with your query via the enquiry form for a personalised service. We promise to reply to you within 24 hours.

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3. Job Application

Often discussion is centred around whether you need a covering letter or application to accompany your resume when applying for a job; the short answer is yes – this is your supporting document.

A covering letter will give potential employers a small glimpse into your personality and a hint of your passion for your work. Your words can be a powerful tool, they can convince the reader why they need to see you and it is your chance to ask them for an interview.

Your letter should be relatively short and punchy and show that you have the confidence to excel in the job – but do not be over confident. Tell them why they need you, show your knowledge of the company and tell them you have the skills they need then ask for the interview.

This can be quite a daunting letter, we have expertise in this area and can help bring out the best of you in your application letter, contact us for expert assistance.

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4. Interviewing:

You’ve submitted your outstanding resume with your punchy supporting application letter and now…. Congratulations! You have been selected for interview by your potential employer – now what!? You have broken out in a cold sweat at the thought of interviewing; relax, we can help!

Firstly, research, research, research! We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to research the company with whom you are about to interview. Check their website to ensure you understand exactly what it is they do, their annual reports, their culture; they may have photos or small biographies of those who work there. Check for any recent news articles that may have been written about them and brush up on current affairs to enable you to participate in any general conversation.

Here are some interview tips to help you:

  • Review your achievements and work history, don’t be afraid to take a copy of your resume with you to refer to if necessary;
  • Have some examples of work situations for any behavioural questions that may be asked;
  • BE ON TIME! or preferably five minutes early;
  • Be confident but never cocky;
  • Pause before answering if necessary, this just shows your ability to clarify your thoughts;
  • Most importantly be yourself.

We want you to be the interview star that the potential employer cannot pass up. Call or email us to discuss how we can assist you with your interview technique and provide you with further invaluable interview tips. You can become the clear and only choice for the employer.

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