You are unique, so show it. Make potential employers see you first.

But how?


Partnering with a professional is a vital investment in your future. Give yourself the edge above other job seekers and put yourself in prime position for interview.

You are applying for numerous jobs but constantly being overlooked!

Perhaps your resume is not representing you as it should or maybe lack of confidence or nerves get the better of you in interview. Finding a job is an extremely stressful undertaking and the smallest mistake can cost you the job.

We draw on our recruitment industry expertise and knowledge of employer needs and wants to help you with any or all of the following and more:

  • Career Coaching – a comprehensive career coaching service to assist you with your career decisions or goals;
  • Group Training – formalised training sessions small groups working together in a safe and enjoyable environment on various job seeking tools;
  • Resume/CV - a comprehensive and tailored professional resume service;
  • Job Application - an professional application letter to accompany your resume;
  • Interview Technique – Coaching to excel in the job interview;
  • Selection Criteria – help with tailoring and professionally addressing criteria required in a job application.

We focus on providing you with the tools required to achieve the advantage in securing your desired job. Our number one goal is to get you in front of the employer – without the unnecessary distraction of bells and whistles. When you reach your goal, we will will follow through with assistance in job retention and beyond.


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